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  • Energy in Space

    2018-11-21 19:20:23.

    The Energy in Space Experiment calls on students to test new power sources that could work well in a microgravity environment. The subject of the experiment from the energy perspect...(read more)

  • Human Health

    2018-11-21 19:19:14.

    The Human Health Experiment will explore life in microgravity. Experiments can cover any of the following five suggested areas of research, in order to ensure the optimal health and...(read more)

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  • Tests in Orbit - The ISS Student Experiment Competition

    2018-11-21 19:24:45.


    The UAE Space Agency and the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) are hosting an International Space Station student experiment competition, known as "Tests in Orbit". This competition invit

  • Geotech Innovation Program

    2018-10-24 15:16:03.

    GeoTech Innovation Program aims at feeding available vast amounts of Earth observation
    data into a range of application/services designed to benefit the lifestyle, environment,
    humanitarian needs and support effective policy-making for a more sustainable future.
    The program i

  • Name The CubeSat

    2018-08-30 00:24:35.

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